Is running a part of your medial Life?

How are you? yes thank you quite well, say most people.

BUT HOW ARE YOU REALLY, deep down, or dare you not to feel, afraid to discover something horrible about yourself ?


Take it easy and take a walk in the woods, just you and nature, attempt to scale it down to the absolute minimum, what do you need to run?

  • Yourself, your conscious self, your openness to being part of this experience
  • some clothes, depending on weather, giving you a chance and feel the wind, sun and nature around
  • shoes, try to peel off as much as possible, perhaps even in a meadow or beach run without
  • desire to move

You see it is not needed so much, YOU, you’re running just for yourself, nobody else, forget all the requirements, I know that the mind plagues us with all sorts of things:

  • must be nice for summer, have to run faster on the next contest, you must show your friends that I can, must, must ……

When you have been very close to a point in life where you did not know if you would be out in nature at all again, did not know if you could walk properly, then all these requirements are not worth much.

But if you think I don’t have this pressure on me, ha-ha, yes quite so,  but I learned to see them and not to be a slave to them.

It requires some reflection, not of that nagging type, or that ”Radio gaga” but by the soft reflection, where one can afford to see their imprints, the ones that put the stick in your wheel.

  • When you are out running for yourself and you have time to become one with what you do-
  • that is where the good things happen –
  • experience
  • the total joy to be out for a run in the wild, when you can feel the power-
  • flowing through, taking cognizance of what is around and giving back to nature.

Hope you can try next time when you are out, remove all phones, MP3 or GPS and the other thing, just run and experience, it becomes meditative, yes, for me anyway.

Keep on Running